Pdng Network

“Glorious Excellent Company” – this is the ideal future state of Pdng Network. While sticking to our abiding principles, we strive to secure sustainable growth and development. With the progress of globalization, dynamic paradigm shifts are currently underway in many aspects of international society. 

PDNG will  accommodate new needs to be generated by such social changes. Additionally, by so doing, we will diversify our businesses into new fields to ensure our future growth.To transform ourselves into a “Glorious Excellent Company,” all the members of our company intend to continue our steadfast efforts to earn trust and confidence widely from not only clients but also other members of society, and to contribute to the establishment of a rich society for everyone in the future. We hope that we will continue receiving your kind support and encouragement. 



Our goal is to be the biggest provider of digital currency to naira, and internet services. 



Our business concept includes building a successful conglomerate where innovation and technology are combined to yield profit. We believe in the human development and people empowerment, and we have organized and tailor our human development strategies to suit our environment; we organize seminars on wealth creation and job hunt interviews where over 500 persons are usually in attendance. 



Our leadership team comprises of men and women whose experience and expertise have been tested in various levels of marketing, management and leadership. They have being season men in business and internet marketing. With this team we produce cutting edge innovation and strategies that has made us the world best in our various business franchises. 

Needless to say that these groups of persons were selected from rigorous and carefully thought out processes that will expose both their personalities and moral standard. We boldly state they are the finest in their fields of interest. 

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Our vision statement 

To be the leading service provider of Digital currency mining, trade, exchange and other internet services. 

Our mission statement 

Our mission is to stand out in excellent services delivery using competitive wittiness and exploring the power of the internet to be among the best rated organization in Africa.Our mission

Value statement 

Integrity and speed 

With these values we have able to build a brand that has over hundres of returning customers and a high sales revenue. 

We have succesfully installed our first digital currency exchange automated teller machines in several locations arround the world, with great partners in china.